Koessan Gabiam

I define myself as a qualitative and a quantitative social sciences researcher, while teaching and translating constitute other important aspects of my professional career. I hold a BA and MA degree in geographical sciences by the Free University of Brussels (Belgium). In the following years, I studied Translation and Linguistics; this completes my background in the human sciences. In 2006, I defended my master’s thesis which was grounded in the wider field of the geographies of sexualities. Ten years ago, this kind of research was quite new in the Belgian human geography and I found myself supported by my supervisor (Dr. Prof. Jean-Michel Decroly), even though funding was and is still tricky to get to develop further investigations.

Nonetheless, since my successful master’s thesis, I went on keeping myself interested in research in the Geographies of sexualities in general and I was able to take part in several International symposiums, including the ‘sexual heterotopias international conference’ (Brussels, 2008); the first European geographies of sexualities conference (Brussels, 2011) and the third one held in Rome (2014).

Those events let me contribute to some publications in academic journals, the last one being a paper I co-wrote with my colleague and friend Dr. Michal Pitoňák from Charles University in Prague. Other collaborations encompass a spatial analysis of the prostitution phenomenon in Brussels urban region (2008) together with the KUL University (Prof. Dr. Maarten Loopmans). Those scientific encounters enriched my research ideas or strategies and gave me the opportunity to enlarge my horizons and to contribute to the European geographies of sexualities’ research where issues of spatiality (including cyberspace), identity, intersectionality or queer theory are prominent.

Being also a teacher of Geography, English and Dutch at secondary school, I am able to interact with the youth and several social realities, which in turn back my research activities up. My participation in Massimadi Film Festival (which aims to discuss LGBTIQI people lives in Africa and the diaspora with the help of movies) plays a similar role, as it links my research to the field. My research interests are numerous but are often associated with human geographies, geographies of minorities, linguistics and to their projections into the cyberspace or into (mental) maps.


Work Experience

- Scientific collaborator ( 01/12/2007– 30/04/2008), Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel , Qualitative research, Translation of the research report from Dutch to French
- Geography teacher (Secondary school), Brussels, Belgium: 2008 – 2011
- Teacher schooling support, Brussels, Belgium: 2004 -2015
- Dutch teacher (Secondary Vocational School), Brussels, Belgium: 2015 -2016
- Dutch teacher for Adult Work Insertion, Brussels, Belgium: 2015 -2016


BA Degree Translation English/Dutch/French – ILMH/HEFF, Brussels, Belgium (04/09/2014)

Teacher’s degree Geographical sciences (human geography) – ULB, Brussels, Belgium (26/06/2007)

 MA Degree Geographical sciences (human geography) – ULB, Brussels, Belgium (29/06/2006)


Quantitative and qualitative studies

Mapping results and GIS

Teaching: Geography, English, Dutch, French

Translation (English, Dutch to French) and proofreading (French)

Interpreting (Ewe language to French)

Data collection and database analysis