All problems are solvable

Are undergoing a crisis, do you need quick help or assistance?

Prague helpline offers a 24/7 call assistance to those seeking assistance in crisis and offers basic counselling. (English support may be limited)

+ 420 222 580 697 – 24/7 call crisis help

Do you need help with coming-out? Are going through a difficult situation that has to do with your sexual orientation or your gender self-identification?

Online project may help you! Their websites offer also a map of places, where you can get expert help.

You may of course also contact the Helpline, where they can help you too:

Also other projects focus on helping LGBTQI+ people including Ř that is part of Araart organization focusing on Roma LGBTQI+ people in crisis situations:

Do they bully you?

The project Sbarvouven will help you, same as Helpline, you can also try to seek help in the new project Nenech to být (do not let it go).

Do you need HIV testing or other services?

Do you have some problems that a sexologist may help you with?

There is a large number of sexologists, but if you don’t know how to find them you can always contact their office in Prague.