RNDr. Michal Pitoňák, Ph.D.


Michal Pitoňák studied at the Faculty of Science in the field of social geography at the Charles University in Prague. He is also a qualified biologist (Bc., Mgr.). Currently, he works as a researcher within the National Institute of Mental Health (NUDZ) in Klecany, where he addresses issues of quality of life, mental health and addictive behavior in a non-heterosexual population. He also develops the LGBTQ psychology branch and actively participates in the destigmatization of HIV prevention in the Czech Republic and is a member of the Interdepartmental Coordination Group for HIV / AIDS in the Czech Republic. Michal Pitoňák is also a lecturer at the Department of North American Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University, and externally cooperates with his Department of Social Geography and Regional Development where he teaches the geography of difference, including the geographies of sexualities and queer theory. In general, he tends to employ a transdisciplinary approach to research and teaching and applies knowledge from various disciplines to address highly complex social and health problems.

Email: michal.pitonak@queergeography.cz 

Personal website

Bc. Jana Kropáčková


Jana Kropáčková graduated from the BA in Humanities at Charles University in Prague. She started her career in 2005 and moved its focus towards the administrative area. She has worked in both smaller and larger companies, including J & T and KPMG. In the latter, she currently works until today.

Email: jana.kropackova@queergeography.cz

Ing. arch. Lukáš Pitoňák

Grafik, IT, webmaster

Co founder of Queer Geography Lukas Pitonak is trained architect from Faculty of architecture at CTU Prague. In QG his job is to make everything prettier. Lukas is a graphic designer, website manager and webdesigner. In his free time he is burried in sci-fi novels and movies or he is drawing futuristic cities. 

Email: lukas.pitonak@queergeography.cz

Jade MacEwan MSc

Editor, translator, volunteer

Jade MacEwan graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art and German from De Montfort University in the United Kingdom, and has recently completed a Master’s degree in Psychology at Leeds Beckett University, as part of which she conducted her main research project on LGBTQ+ psychology. She is self-employed as a translator of German into English, working mainly with business, legal and medical texts. As a member of Queer Geography, her work is mainly focused on writing articles on current LGBTQ+ issues and providing news on LGBTQ+ rights from around the world. She is also involved in the promotion of LGBTQ+ rights and awareness in collaboration with a number of other organisations. In addition to this, her interests include art, politics, her pets and travel.


Mgr. Jolana Navrátilová

Editor, translator, volunteer

Jolana graduated from Sociology and English language and literature at Masaryk University. She has worked in education, research institutions, and as freelance translator (Nyxia trilogy, social science texts). She has volunteered in several NGO projects, e.g. for STUD Brno, NESEHNUTÍ, Gender centre of FSS MU or Queer Parade Brno. She likes sci-fi, medieval history and forest walks. Currently, she is an active member of the MU alumni association and occasionally translates articles for Queer Geography.


Mgr. Františka Jirousová, Ph. D.


Františka Jirousová působí ve Queer Geography jako dobrovolná korektorka některých textů. Vystudovala filosofii na FF UK, zabývá se především dílem Pierra Teilharda de Chardin. Živí se jako redaktorka odborné literatury. Ve volném čase píše romány (Vyhnanci, Velmi vzdálený oheň) nebo filosofické články. Katolická víra ji vede k přesvědčení, že co největší různorodost je záměrem Božím, snaží se proto napomáhat jednotě v různosti především co se týká postavení menšin. Tematika LGBTQ a lidí na okraji se objevuje v jejích románech, ale snaží se pomoci i drobnými aktivitami (např. právě korekturami textů). Je předsedkyní spolku Statek uProstřed, který usiluje o rekonstrukci usedlosti v Jižních Čechách pro účely tvůrčí práce umělců, studentů a setkávání neziskových organizací.

Mgr. Jan Morávek, Ph.D.

Translator and proofreader

After his Fulbright year in New York City, Jan obtained a PhD in sociology from Charles University. He researched drug policy and taught at the same institution. These days, he collaborates with social scientists primarily as translator and proofreader of scholarly papers. He also translated articles on current affairs for the Queer Geography website. Following his long-term engagement in environmental protection and human rights, he recently organised audience surveys for Prague Pride. He enjoys comedy in a variety of forms and thanks to Prague’s LGBT Book Club, he’s been able to read some quality fiction as well. He likes jogging, cooking and caring. Jan dreams of conducting action research in the context of chemsex.

David Popelka


David Popelka studies English and related literature at the University of York in the United
Kingdom with the support of the Bakala Foundation and the Kellner Family Foundation. In his
studies, David especially focuses on modern and contemporary queer literature. At the same time, he is also the editor of the International Anthology Society at the University of York, with which he will be working on publishing a collection of poems by students from England and around the world. In addition to these areas, his hobbies also include traveling, art, creative writing, visiting museums and galleries, graphics, playing underwater hockey (octopush), and computer games (especially fantasy RPGs with LGBT representation).