Queer Geography initially originated as a volunteer free-time project that took the form of minimalist websites which had been in operation since 2012. Between 2015 and 2017, we transformed the site into a major project that gradually formed our association. We believe that the work of volunteers is highly valuable, we are convinced that in order to be able to meet newly set and certainly ambitious goals, we need not do everything completely without funds in the form of grants, financial donations, sponsors or other forms of assistance. We will be very grateful for all types of support from all of you, who consider the issues that we focus on as important. We cannot do this without your support.

We thank you very much for your gifts in advance!

Please contact our secretary Jana Kropáčková (she/her/hers) and we will be happy to discuss the ways in which you can support us.

Our association contact information:

Name: Queer Geography, z. s.:
Street: Márova 2806/10
City and district: Prague (Praha), Stodůlky, Praha 5
Postal code: 155 00
Country: The Czech Republic